Living Life Expecting The Unexpected + Exciting News + Update Video!

If you’ve ever wanted a life that’s full of adventure and spontaneity, not knowing where you’ll end up next, or who you’ll meet… here’s what you need to do,

  1. Let go of all your plans
  2. Forget about your worries and fears
  3. Leave everything behind


If there is one thing I’ve learnt when your living a life that is guided by the God of the universe, your never going know what’s next. I usually set up all these plans and ideas in my head of what my life is going to look like and then in a split second, everything can change. I never really liked change before I came to YWAM, but little did I know I was going to live a life that involves A LOT of change. But contrary to popular belief, CHANGE IS GOOD. It helps us to grow, to discover more about who we are, how we handle different situations, changes our perspective and gets us outside of our comfort zone. We get so comfortable living our lives and we set up goals for ourselves; get the newest Iphone, buy your own car, rent an apartment, have a family. I can say that these were my goals before doing life with God. Those things are all good, but there is no meaning or purpose behind it. Some would say their purpose in life is to have fun and do whatever they want, others would say it’s to be a good person and do good things. But don’t you ever wonder, there has got to be more to life than this? Of course I have goals, desires, and dreams, but I’ve given up on planning out my life. Life is so much better when God’s in control! He knows my desires and dreams and because he loves me he wants to fulfill those things. Instead of dreaming about having the most expensive Iphone or having the newest car, I dream about going on missions trips to Fiji, or China, or Europe or wherever God sends me. We get to travel while changing lives AND live a life that is FULL of meaning and purpose. Whenever I start to doubt, whenever I wonder why I’m so far away from my family and my friends, or how I’m going to live because I have no money, I always remember that Gods plans are FAR greater than my own. Imagine the best life possible for yourself, whatever that looks like, and then imagine that x 1000! That’s what living a life with God looks like. I’m not saying that it’s perfect, of course there are trials and disappointments, hurts, and difficulties, but you go through the hard times with the mindset that God is always good. No matter the circumstance. You push through, you persevere and when you look back on your life you’ll see it was one that was filled with Joy, Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Excitement, Fulfillment and Adventure, (just to name a few.)


We’re Getting Married!

One of the crazy things that God had planned for my life that I never would have expected, was that I would meet my future husband in Australia! He brought Jake all the way from Ontario, and myself all the way from BC, just for us to meet across the world in Australia. There is no other way to describe how we met, other than the fact that God brought us together. Last year, around this time, Jake was staffing my Discipleship Training School and we were just becoming friends. Less than a year later, were engaged! I know that if I never would have stepped into the plans that God has for my life, I would have never met Jake.


The Next Two Years / Future Plans

Another thing that God has spoken to Jake and I, is that we strongly feel called to stay here at YWAM Gold Coast for the next two years. This means that we will be leading/staffing two more Discipleship Training Schools, one in 2018 and one in 2019. After that, my life is a blank canvas until God speaks what the next step is!

On another note, I have made a short update video of what I’ve been doing here lately and the things that I’m learning. Click on the link below to watch!


Courtney’s Update Video


Some of you may or may not know that living a life as a missionary  includes a lot of trust and faith, especially when it comes to finances!! All of my finances are based off of support from back at home since I work for a Non-Profit Organization. It’s definitely not easy but I know that God will provide because I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve seen people looking in their bank accounts and their exact funds are there with no explanation, or expenses being paid for miraculously. While God does do those things, I still have a part in seeking finance for myself. I can’t just sit back and expect God to drop money in my bank account every day, he’s not a genie. That’s why our relationship is a partnership, we both work together.

So in saying that, I am in need of finance! I have monthly expenses for rent and food as well as miscellaneous things such as phone, toiletries, dates with Jake! Please consider, or pray about donating, one time or monthly, any amount is super helpful. I also put a list of financial needs in my update video 🙂

How to Donate

YWAM Canada – Donating through YWAM Canada will give you an option to donate monthly or do a one time donation. Your donation will also be tax deductible. Please use my full name – Courtney Petrunia – and giving code – PC14.

Click Here for YWAMCANADA Donations

Go Fund Me -You can also donate through my Go Fund Me Page which can also be a one time donation or monthly.

Click Here for GoFundMe Donations

Thank you to everyone who is already supporting and partnering with me financially or through prayer!

– Courtney 🙂



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